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Scientific Center of Mother and Child Health Care, National Scientifically Practical Center of Children's Surgery "Natalia Georgiu", Clinic of Children’s Vertebrology, Orthopedics and Traumatology.

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Center history
Written by Администратор   
Thursday, 11 November 2010 00:00

The beginning of a children's vertebrology, orthopedics and traumatology as specialties as a part of children's surgery in the Republic of Moldova, was necessary professor N. K. Georgiu. The becoming of children's vertebrology and traumatology - orthopedics, directions of their development was really international and occurred under the influence of known children's orthopedists and children's surgeons of the Soviet Union: professor Z.Shneyderova (Kiev), M. V. Volkov (Moscow), M.L.Dmitriev (Odessa), G.A.Bairova (Leningrad), V. D. Dedova (Moscow, CYTO), A.I.Kazmin (Moscow, CYTO), Y.Pozdnikina (Institute of the Children's orthopedics of G. Turner, Leningrad). Many of them came to clinic, held consultations, carried out indicative operations, gave lectures to students and doctors. In their clinics future orthopedists of Clinic of Children's Surgery were trained.

In 1973 in the Center of children's surgery the orthopedics and traumatology unit where children with backbone pathology were referred is organized. At the same time, prof. N. K. Georgiu was started preparing children's surgeon N. G. Shavga to post of the director of Clinic of Vertebrology. On a children's vertebrology it passed training in CYTO (Moscow) in clinic of prof. V. D. Dedov and the prof. A. I. Kazmina, in Vertebrology unit in G. Turner Institute of a children's orthopedics at prof. Y.Pozdnikina.

From right to left: professor N.K.Georgiu, academician M.V.Volkov, professor L.V.Prokofyeva, associate professor N.G.Shavga.

From right to left: professor N.K.Georgiu, academician M.V.Volkov, professor L.V.Prokofyeva, associate professor N.G.Shavga.

The first scoliosis operation, at the girl of 15 years was executed in 1975 the associate professor Shavga N. G. After operation of "extirpation of cuneate vertebra" by acad. G.A.Bairov in Chisinau (1985) in clinic of children's surgery started introducing operative measures at congenital scoliosis. In the next 35 years, the clinic not only passed a way from use of endokorrektor of Kazmin, Rodnyansky, Harrington, to modern polysegmentary Cotrell-Douboset designs, but also relying on own experience developed own corrective metalwork, methods of conservative treatment and the surgical interventions which analogs in the world don't exist (that found the confirmation in 17 patents RM).

Now in clinic the wide range of operative measures on the backbone is carried out, at deformations, dysplasticly - degenerative processes, traumas, congenital and locomotorium acquired diseases.

Despite hard everyday work in Clinic, employees continue to improve the practical skills and dilate scientific communications with foreign colleagues. In 2009 associate professor N.Shavga had specialization in various foreign scientifically-practical vertebrological centers: Institute of the spine and joints pathology of Prof. M.I.Sitenko (Ukraine) (HNIITO, Harkov), the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of N.N.Priorova (TSITO, Moscow), the Belarus State Medical University (Minsk). In 2010 - 11 had specialization in Open Medical Institute (Salzburg Medical Seminars, Austria): Bone & Joint Surgery (Weill Cornell / HSS Salzburg), Spinal Surgery (Weill Cornell / Vienna), Bone & Joint Surgery, CME pending (Weill Cornell / HSS Salzburg). He was in trimensual business trip in Africa (Sudan).