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Orthopedics and traumatology
Written by Шавга Н.Н.   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 00:00

Treatment of orthopedic pathology is carried out in full dimension. The orthopedic help range is extensive and possible under our conditions. Оperative treatment of patients with the Children's Cerebral Paralysis (CCP) is carried out, tendon-muscle plastics with elimination of joints contractures and stabilizing interventions on large joints of extremities are carried out.

Reconstructive plastic surgeries on extremities bones with rejuvenation of an axis and segment length, if necessary with using devices of external fixation (pin, rod, pin - rod configuration) are performed.

Reconstructive interventions on large joints, diaplasis of a congenital dislocation (subluxation elimination) femurs, remodelling operations at Pertes's illness, corrective femur osteotomies, pelvic bones with spatial movement of an acetabulum and improvement of hip joint biomechanics are carried out. Interventions with removal of deformation and locomotor restoration of foot are carried out.

There is an considerable experience in the dermal plastic surgeries which are carried out at cicatrical contractures of extremities joints, elimination of congenital fingers adnation of the brush, foot (a dermal, osteal syndactylia).

There is a possibility of carrying out osteal and reconstructive operations after resection of a bone site on osteal tumors and a plastic material is the allobone.

Separate group of interventions are thoracoplasties, - operations carried out at the congenital, acquired thorax’ deformations (funnel, carinate, combined), if necessary bracing of thoracal- rib complex by a titanic plate, for the purpose of deduction of the reached deformation correction is carried out.

The list of some diseases at which surgical treatment is indicated:

  1. Extremities after traumas deformations:
    • shortings of extremities;
    • cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, poliomyelitis consequences;
    • any orthopedic pathology, after operative treatment in any hospital;
    • fibrous dysplasia;
    • tumors of bones, osteal cysts; rachitis, and similar to rachitis diseases (natrii phosphas diabetum).
  2. Neck deformations:
    • congenital muscular wryneck;
    • Shprengel's illness (high scapula standing).
  3. Deformations of the top extremities:
    • anomalies of clavicle development;
    • congenital head dislocation of the radial bone;
    • underdevelopment extremities;
    • congenital synostosis;
    • Erba’s paralysis;
    • talipomanus;
    • Madelung’s deformation;
    • symphalangism (accrete fingers) and other anomalies of brush’s development;
    • congenital contractures of brush’s fingers;
    • amnionic strangulations.
  4. Osteochondropathies (Osgut-Shlatter’s illness).
  5. Thorax deformations (carinate, funnel, flat, rachitic).
  6. Congenital generalized locomotorium deformations:
    • chondrodystrophia;
    • dyschondroplasia;
    • imperfect bone formation;
    • arthrogryposis.
  7. Pathology of the bottom extremity:
    • hip joint dysplasia, congenital femur dislocation;
    • femur subluxation;
    • teen-age femur epiphysiolysis;
    • Pertes's illness;
    • spondiloepiphysis dysplasia;
    • feet deformations (congenital clubfoot, other foot deformations at children (the broad foot and the rejected 1 finger, cavovarus deformity, pes valgus, talipes, accessory bone and sesamoids));
    • femur pathology (сoxa valga, coxa vara. X-shaped, O-shaped feet);
    • Blaunt’s illness;
    • anomalies of knee joint development;
    • congenital patella dislocation;
    • Goff's illness;
    • Kenig’s illness;
    • congenital curvatures and nearthroses of crus bones.
  8. Joints diseases at children.

Treatment of children and teenagers is carried out GRATIS.

You remember: some days given to care about own health, will help you to avoid several years, being accompanied pains and excess costs of treatment in the future. Don't set aside visit to the doctor at any symptoms testifying to backbone problems– and good luck for many years!

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